CMB Polarization workshop:

theory and foregrounds


The workshop will be slightly different than other conferences/workshops in the field. There will be relatively few talks and the bulk of the time will be set aside for 6 working groups: Inflation, Lensing, Reionization, Foreground Science, Foreground Removal, and Science Forecasts. Each working group will produce a coherent paper summarizing the case for a CMB polarization satellite mission. These sections will be submitted simultaneously to the arXiv and bound together [with a unifying introduction] into a document that will be passed on to the Decadel Survey.

For more information please email workshop chair Scott Dodelson [], Cynthia Sazama [] or one of the organizers below:

Daniel Baumann []

Asantha Cooray []

Jo Dunkley []

Aurelien Fraisse []

Mark Jackson []

Al Kogut []

Lawrence Krauss []

Kendrick Smith []

Matias Zaldarriaga []


June 23 - 26, 2008


supported by nasa and the doe