The Center has ongoing experiments in the search for dark matter (CDMS, SENSEI, ADMX), dark energy (DES, DESI, LSST), the cosmic microwave background (SPT-3G, CMB-S4). In addition, we foster new experimental initiatives in other areas of particle astrophysics, such as searches for axions, the study of the cosmic microwave background, and innovative detector R&D.

Job announcements can be found here.

Faculty/Scientist Positions

Faculty and permanent scientist position announcements can be found here.


Fermilab also has prestigious fellowship positions available to those interested in particle astrophysics, including the Robert W. Wilson Fellowship, the Leon Lederman Fellowship, and the David N. Schramm Fellowship.

More information can be found here.

Postdoctoral Positions

Fermilab conducts searches for outstanding experimental postdoctoral research associates in the fall/winter season each year.

Visiting Scientists

We have an vibrant visitors program at CPC. The Center actively encourages visits from scientists who share our research interest or wish develop shared projects with CPC members. Fermilab and the Center have a wide variety of interests and projects, spanning and bridging several fields of research. If you would like to visit the Center, please contact any of our members or Bobbie Kucharski (rkuchars@fnal.gov).

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

CPC partners with several institutes and universities throughout Illinois and beyond. If you would like to work with the CPC, please contact one of our Center members or work with faculty and scientists at your institute to develop a project of interest to both you and CPC members.

Teachers and High School Students