New Directions in the Search for Light Dark Matter Particles

June 4-7, 2019

Over the last few years, a growing community of scientists has begun to explore the prospect of dark matter lighter than the proton (sub- GeV), which cannot currently be detected with conventional laboratory-based searches. This workshop brought together the various international communities, both experimental and theoretical, working on new technologies and models for light (sub- GeV) DM, in order to explore the feasibility of these new ideas. At the same time, we aimed to connect this work to advances in next-generation imaging technology and quantum measurement, which have synergies with the field of DM research.

We brought together experimental experts in:

  • Photon Counting Detectors for Rare Event Searches
  • Quantum Sensing
  • Cryogenic Calorimetry
  • Solid State Crystal Defects and Color Centers
  • Superconducting and Dirac Materials
  • Particle Detection with Ultra-Light Elements

Each of these techniques has something unique to offer in the search for light DM particles and this workshop probed how a mixture of these techniques could span the entire mass range of interest.