CPC Seminar

Seminars are held weekly on Monday, usually at 2:00pm in Curia II on the 2nd floor of Wilson Hall. CPC seminars are listed here and in the calendar at the top of this page.

Committee Members
  • Antonella Palmese
  • Javi Sanchez
  • Yu-Dai Tsai


Chalk Talk

Each Thursday, we have a 20-minute chalk-only (no slides, no computers) presentation from a member of the CPC. The talks are held in the Fermilab Users Center.

Committee Members
  • Noah Kurinsky
  • Sasha Rahlin
  • Guillermo Moroni


Munch: CPC Journal Club

Every Monday at 12:15 in the Darkside (6th floor, northwest corner), we meet to discuss the latest papers on the arXiv.

Papers to be discussed are shown on Vox Charta.

Committee Members
  • Sam McDermott
  • Yuanyuan Zhang
  • Joao Caldiera



The Center and the Theoretical Astrophysics Group have historically hosted and organized many important conferences and workshops.