This page shows Fermilab CPC members and visitors. Full contact information is available on the Fermilab directory. All email addresses are “”, unless otherwise specified.


First Name Last Name Position Email Website
Adam Anderson Wilson Fellow adama link
Jim Annis Scientist annis link
Dan Bauer Scientist Emeritus bauer
Bradford Benson Scientist bbenson link
Liz Buckley-Geer Scientist buckley link
Aaron Chou Scientist achou link
Aleksandra Ciprijanovic Wilson Fellow aleksand link
Mike Crisler Scientist mike
Tom Diehl Scientist diehl link
Alex Drlica-Wagner Scientist kadrlica link
Juan Estrada Scientist estrada
Brenna Flaugher Deputy Division Head brenna
Josh Frieman Scientist frieman link
Nick Gnedin Scientist gnedin link
Gaston Gutierrez Scientist gaston
Craig Hogan Scientist cjhogan link
Dan Hooper Scientist dhooper link
Lauren Hsu Scientist llhsu
Steve Kent Scientist skent link
Rich Kron Scientist link
Gordan Krnjaic Scientist krnjaicg link
Donna Kubik Engineering Physicist kubik link
Nikolay Kuropatkin Retired kuropat link
Huan Lin Scientist hlin link
Eric Neilsen Comp. Physics Developer neilsen link
Hogan Nguyen Scientist hogann
Brian Nord Scientist nord link
John Peoples Scientist Emeritus peop
Sara Simon Wilson Fellow smsimon link
Andrew Sonnenschein Department Head sonnenschein
Albert Stebbins Scientist stebbins link
Chris Stoughton Scientist stoughto link
Javier Tiffenberg Scientist javiert
Douglas Tucker Scientist dtucker link
William Wester Scientist wester
Brian Yanny Scientist yanny link


First Name Last Name Position Email Website
Ana Botti Postdoc botti link
Sreevani Jarugula Postdoc jarugula link
Stefan Knirck Postdoc knirck
Gabriela Marques Postdoc gmarques
Becky Nevin Postdoc rnevin link
Omari Paul Postdoc opaul link
Elena Pinetti Postdoc epinetti link
Nate Saffold Lederman Fellow nsaffold link
Joshua Sobrin Lederman Fellow jsobrin link
Anastasia Sokolenko KICP Fellow/Postdoc link
Kelly Stifter Lederman Fellow kstifter link
Dylan Temples Lederman Fellow dtemples link
Matt Young Postdoc
Huangyu Xiao Postdoc huangyu link


First Name Last Name Position Email Website
Carolyn Johnson Staff carolyn
Jessica Schmidt Staff jessica
Connie Lang Staff langcm60

Long-Term Visitors

First Name Last Name Position Institution Email Website
Fabricio Bressia Oscura CONICET, Instituto Balseiro
Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano NEXUS Northwestern University link
Eric Dahl CPC Fellow Northwestern University link


A list of CPC Alumni can be found here.