The Cosmic Physics Center was established to foster collaboration between Fermilab and the community of cosmic frontier scientist. The CPC is actively involved in exciting experiments in the search for dark matter (ADMX, CDMS, OSCURA, SENSEI), dark energy (DES, DESI, LSST), and the cosmic microwave background (SPT-3G, CMB-S4). In addition, the CPC is an incubator for new technology development and experimental initiatives, such as quantum detector development for axion searches, detector fabrication and testing for cosmic microwave background experiments, innovative low-noise detector R&D, and advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm development.

Visiting Scientists

The CPC hosts a vibrant visitors program of short- and long-term visitors. We encourage visits from scientists who wish to collaborate on new or existing projects. If you would like to visit the CPC, please contact any of our members or Bobbie Kucharski (

The CPC also hosts the Fermilab Cosmic Frontier Fellowship program. Other Fermilab fellowship opportunities can be found here.

If you belong to a URA member institution, you might consider applying for funding to support your visit from the URA Visiting Scholar program.

Visiting Students and Teachers

The CPC partners with other institutions across the world. If you would like to work with the CPC, please contact one of our members or work with faculty/scientists at your institute to develop a project of interest to both you and CPC members. The CPC also works closely with several programs to promote hands-on scientific research to graduate, undergraduate, and high school students, as well as high school teachers.

Opportunities for funding short- and long-term visits to the CPC can be found below:

Postdoctoral Positions

Fermilab conducts searches for outstanding experimental postdoctoral research associates in the fall/winter season each year including the Leon Lederman Fellowship, and the David N. Schramm Fellowship. A full list of Fermilab fellowships can be found here.

Fermilab also has prestigious fellowship positions available to those interested in particle astrophysics, including the

Permanent Positions

A list of all job announcements can be found here. Fermilab also offers the prestigious Robert W. Wilson Fellowship at the level of an Associate Scientist (the equivalent of junior faculty at a university).