CPC Seminar: Seeing highly anisotropic gravitational wave backgrounds from phase transitions

  • Sept. 25, 2023, 2:00 pm US/Central
  • Curia II
  • Arushi Bodas, Fermilab
  • Host: Dylan Temples

Abstract: A stochastic gravitational wave background (GWB) produced from a first-order phase transition in the early universe would necessarily exhibit anisotropies analogous to the CMB. In multi-field inflationary scenarios, however, anisotropies in GWB could differ significantly from those of the CMB if sourced by a quantum field different from the one sourcing CMB. In these scenarios, the more interesting case of highly anisotropic GWB typically comes at the cost of a suppressed GWB signal. In this talk, I will propose a model that makes this tradeoff less severe by including an additional period of matter dominance in the early universe. I will show the improvement in the detectability of highly anisotropic GWB and point out other features of the model, such as the production of primordial black holes.