Fermilab CPC Fellowships Awarded

The Fermilab Cosmic Physics Center is proud to welcome three new Fermilab Cosmic Physics Center Fellows.

  • Dr. Fabricio Alcalde Bessia (CONICET, Instituto Balseiro) – Development of a low-noise readout integrated circuit for Skipper CCDs in the Oscura project.
  • Dr. Ana Botti (Instituto de Física de Buenos Aires) – Technological developments to enable large-scale Skipper CCD instruments to search for dark matter.
  • Dr. Eric Dahl (Northwestern) – Commissioning, operation, and calibration of a scintillating liquid argon bubble chamber for dark matter and neutrino physics.

The Fermilab Cosmic Physics Center Fellowship program provides support for scientists to visit Fermilab for up to 6 months to collaborate with Fermilab scientists on projects of shared interest. More information on the fellowship can be found here.

CPC Fellowship Award Recipients. From top to bottom: Dr. Fabricio Alcalde Bessia, Dr. Ana Botti, and Prof. Eric Dahl.