dark matter

The 9.4T MRI magnet that is planned to be used by the ADMX-EFR experiment was delivered from the University of Illinois Chicago and lowered into the hall at PW8.  The safe and successful operation was a combined effort of the particle physics directorate; environment, safety and health division; security and emergency management division. The magnet may also… More »

The CPC is hosted the Dark Wave Lab workshop on April 15-16, 2024. Over 80 in-person and remote participants joined to discuss plans for creating a shared facility for axion search experiments at Fermilab.  

UChicago KICP and Fermilab CPC co-hosted a Stage-5 Spectroscopic Experiment (Spec-S5) instrumentation workshop from Feb 27 – Mar 1, 2024. As part of this workshop, participants toured Fermilab and saw the new CCD packaging and testing facilities at the Integrated Engineering Research Center (IERC).

The Fermilab Cosmic Physics Center is proud to welcome five new Fermilab Cosmic Physics Center Fellows. Profs. Kyle Dawson (University of Utah), Klaus Honscheid (Ohio State University), Paul Martini (Ohio State University), Marcelle Soares-Santos (University of Michigan)  – Coordinated R&D for a Stage-5 Spectroscopic Facility Dr. Fernando Chierchie (CONICET, Universidad Nacional del Sur) – Readout… More »

The Fermilab CPC is partnering with Adler Planetarium to host its 5th annual Dark Matter Day event! This year Dark Matter Day will be held at Adler Planetarium as part of the “Adler at Night” series on Wednesday, November 1st from 5PM-9PM. Adler at Night is free to Illinois residents! Find out more details in… More »

Fermilab Cosmic Physics Center scientist Guillermo Fernandez Moroni was awarded a DOE Early Career Research Award from the Office of High Energy Physics for “Demonstrating enabling technologies for a spectroscopy instrument for the next cosmic survey”. Congratulations Guillermo! To read more about the award see the Fermilab announcement webpage. More about the DOE Early Career… More »

University of Chicago graduate student Edgar Marrufo Villalpando was recently awarded the Graduate Instrumentation Research Award from the APS Division of Particles and Fields. Edgar works at SiDet with CPC Scientists on the developing “Skipper CCDs for Dark Matter Measurements with Cosmic Surveys”. Congratulations Edgar! Read more about the DPF Instrumentation Awards here.

Dark Matter Day 2022

The Fermilab CPC is partnering with Dark Matter Coffee to host Fermilab’s 4th annual Dark Matter Day event. This year Dark Matter Day will be held at Dark Matter Coffee’s Star Lounge Coffee Bar in Chicago on Sunday November 6th starting at 1PM (don’t worry, the event will be recorded if you can’t make it… More »

The Dark Energy Survey (DES) released new results today using the largest ever sample of galaxies observed over an enormous piece of the sky to produce the most precise measurements of the universe’s composition and growth to date. DES scientists (include many scientists at Fermilab) measured that the way matter is distributed throughout the universe… More »