Fermilab CPC Fellows – 2023

The Fermilab Cosmic Physics Center is proud to welcome five new Fermilab Cosmic Physics Center Fellows.

  • Profs. Kyle Dawson (University of Utah), Klaus Honscheid (Ohio State University), Paul Martini (Ohio State University), Marcelle Soares-Santos (University of Michigan)  – Coordinated R&D for a Stage-5 Spectroscopic Facility
  • Dr. Fernando Chierchie (CONICET, Universidad Nacional del Sur) – Readout electronics for a Stage-5 Spectroscopic Instrument

The Fermilab Cosmic Physics Center Fellowship program provides support for scientists to visit Fermilab for up to 6 months to collaborate with Fermilab scientists on projects of shared interest. More information on the fellowship can be found here.

CPC Fellows Klaus Honscheid (top left), Marcelle Soares-Santos (top center), Paul Martini (top right) and Kyle Dawson (bottom left), and Fernando Chierchie (bottom right).